Power-Zone Kids




What is the Power-Zone?

POWER ZONE KIDS meets every Sunday morning in the fellowship hall for children 4 years of age through the 5th grade. POWER ZONE exists to show kids the POWER of God in every situation of their daily lives.  

This program is high energy, filled with Bible stories, music, Bible Trivia, games, learning videos and so much more, all centered around sharing the gospel of Christ with the children and giving them an environment where their focus is on God. POWER ZONE is led by Pastor Sam Elliott and Keith Wingfield.

An order of service!

5 Minute Countdown- At the beginning of every class we take time to give the kids a chance to use the restroom and get the restlessness out!

The Rules- Before every class we go over what we expect out of participants

The Offering and Prayer- A chance for children to not only give but serve by prayer and taking up of the offering and tithes.

Worship- Songs that give a chance for kids to worship the Lord

Game- A game based around the lesson for the day

Object Lesson- Using an object to teach an application lesson

Bible Verse Time-  Each Week we say our series memory verse! 

Large Group Lesson- We all read and go over the Bible Story for the day with questions to follow

Small Group Discussion- After the large group Bible study we head into smaller groups broken down by age to go over a discussion of how to apply the Bible Story to their life!

Review and Closing Prayer-At the end of the day we go over review questions.  Each child is sent home with a paper that gives parents a chance to go over what the child learned in class that day! 

Series- Robots

Learning how to be active in church and not just a robot!