Meet the Pastoral Staff

  • Senior Pastor- Dr. Deron R. Jackson

    Pastor Jackson has been a part of the Heritage Baptist Church since its beginning in 1977. He joined the church staff in 1988 and served as Youth Pastor and Associate Pastor before becoming Senior Pastor in 2008. Pastor Jackson is noted for being a textual preacher whose sermons motivate Christians to greater service while presenting the lost with the clear, uncompromising message of salvation. Pastor Jackson is a graduate of the Louisiana Baptist University of Shreveport, Louisiana and holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy.

  • Associate Pastor-Mark Houser

    Associate Pastor Mark Houser joined the HBC staff in 2010. He has over 45 years of experience in the music ministry and has been teaching, preaching and working full time in all areas of church ministry for over 30 years. Whether singing, teaching, or preaching it is his desire to share the love of Christ and the hope that we have in Him. He invites you to come to HBC and experience a warm welcome and a place to call home!

  • Youth Pastor-Sam Elliott

    Our Youth Pastor joined the Heritage team in May of 2013.  He graduated from Liberty University with a degree in Youth Ministry and a minor in Pastoral Leadership.  It is his passion to see students in the Chesterfield area give their lives to Christ.  It is his goal to reach, disciple and get students serving in the church in order to follow the Great Commission given by Christ.  

  • Pastor to seniors- Gary Snyder

    Senior's Pastor Gary Snyder became a part of the HBC family in 1995.  He started the Regal Saints Ministry in 1998.  Gary is a graduate of Baptist Bible College in Springfield Missouri.  He served as associate pastor and youth director full time for eight years in Alamogordo, New Mexico.  He is committed to making the senior's ministry one that will exalt our Lord and edify both the Christian and Heritage Baptist Church.  He invites all senior's to join in with the Regal Saints activities and find out what you have been missing.