Every Wednesday @ 7:00pm

An intimate bible study for adults of all ages

What is a life group?

A Life Group is a small group that meets together each week to grow in faith through bible study.  The study consists of a weekly study to grow in Christ.

Each group is based on age and is led by a facilitator as you discuss the weekly study. 

Each group meets Wednesday Night @ 7:00pm

Each group is a great way to meet followers of Christ your age and see the hearts of the church in a more intimate setting.

Goals of Life groups

  • Grow in Faith

  • Meet New Followers of Christ

  • Form Godly Friendships

  • Improve Accountability

  • Enjoy Fellowship

Groups we offer

Below is a list of groups we offer.  If you are interested in joining a Life Group speak to Pastoral Staff for more information.

  • ADULTS AGES 18-39

    Led by Pastor Sam Elliott in the Young Adults Classroom

  • Adults ages 40-59

    Led By Pastor Deron Jackson in the Heritage Classroom

  • Adults ages 60+

    Led by Pastor Mark Houser in the Discovery Classroom