Below You will find multiple ways to give to Heritage Baptist Church, whether through general offering, missions or the building fund.  Giving online is very simple and safe! When clicking the link you want to give, it will take you to our app where you can create a profile and set up one time or reoccurring gifts.  All information that you use is private and secure.  Then the next time you want to give, simply enter your email password and PIN you have set up and make sure the account listed is the one you want to give to.

An easier way by using the app

It is as simple as going to your App store on your phone and searching for with the logo pictured to the left. Create and sign in on your profile and find our church.

Search for:

HBC General for giving general Tithes and Offerings

HBC Missions for giving to the mission fund

HBC Building for giving to the Building Fund

Make sure when you search these that our address is underneath the name.

General Tithes and OFferings

Here you can give your general tithes and offering.  

Missions Giving

Here you can give to our missions program which supports missionaries and projects all around the world.

Building Fund

Here you can giving to our building program which goes straight to supporting the cost of our new Worship Center