RAlly Point!

Sunday @ 9:30am

Every Sunday @930am we offer great Bible Study classes for kids of all ages. 

Come POWER-UP with us in our POWER-UP Children's Ministry Center as we discover the truths and values in God's Word. Nursery is also provided!

4-5 Class with Mrs. Anne and Mrs. Terry

1st-3rd Class with Mrs. Erin and Mrs. Jennifer

3rd-5th Class with Mrs. Hayley and Miss. Izzy

Power-Zone Worship


WHat is Power-zone worship?

POWER-ZONE Worship meets every Sunday morning in the Power-Up Children's Ministry Center for children 4 years of age through the 5th grade. POWER-ZONE Worship exists to show kids the POWER of God all throughout their lives.  

This program is high energy, filled with Bible stories, music, games, hands on object lessons, learning videos and so much more, all centered around sharing the gospel of Christ with the children and giving them an environment where their focus is God. 

The age groups meet for worship and then are split into age appropriate learning environments that will teach each child on their level more about the love and POWER of their heavenly Father.